The Little Fawn Caravan – Puppet Animation Festival 2017

8th April 2017

8th April 2017

12:00 To 04:30

Newington Library, Fountainhall Road, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Free but ticketed.

0131 529 5536

Event Description

Sokobauno Theatre

Duration: 20 mins

Ages: 4 years +

The Little Fawn Caravan is a travelling theatre space, which will be hosting both performances and workshops during Puppet Animation Festival! Join us for The Great Ta-Da – a show with a difference, full of up-close, sleight of the hand magic, or, an adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood using one of the earliest versions of the story, with new characters and some unfamiliar twists.

The Little Fawn uses beautifully crafted miniature theatre techniques and shadow puppet cut outs, techniques which can be explored in the accompanying workshops about the deep blue sea or the creepy crawlies who live at the bottom of the garden!

The Little Fawn Caravan was created in 2012 by Shane Connolly, Artistic Director of Sokobauno Puppet and Object Theatre. Since then The Little Fawn has toured regularly to leading puppetry and outdoor festivals, and various community and cultural events, throughout the UK and internationally.

Please check venue listings to find out which performances and workshops will be happening near you.

“The highlight for me was The Little Fawn Caravan. Not just because it is a wonderfully intimate space in which to view a performance. Shane Connolly’s two shows were masterpieces!” Audience Member

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