Museums & Attractions in

    American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West, New York, NY, United States

    26th May 2017

    10:00 To 17:45


    In January 2016, the Museum is adding another must-see exhibit to its world-famous Fossil Halls: a cast of a 122-foot-long dinosaur. This species is so new that it has not yet been formally named by the paleontologists who discovered it. Read more…

    DiMenna Children's History Museum, New-York Historical Society 170 Central Park West at Richard Gilder Way (77th Street) New York, NY 10024

    25th May 2017

    15:30 To 17:30


    Every Thursday. Free with Museum Admission. Ages 6 and up. Drop in to try your skills at one of the oldest forms of embroidery in the world. Beginning cross-stitchers will learn the basic stitch and create a bookmark with their new skill. Read more…

    Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden, East 61st Street, New York, NY, United States

    27th June 2017

    18:00 To 19:30


    Listen to this child-friendly live music while relaxing in the garden.  Christopher Morongiello, Mannes College of Music, the Royal College of Music and the University of Oxford, will captivate with a performance of lute music of the Renaissance and early Baroque. Read more…

    Dragon Boat Family Festival MOCA

    Museum Of Chinese In America, Centre Street, New York, NY, United States

    3rd June 2017

    12:00 To 16:00


    Paddle away with us! Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival (端午节) with an afternoon of family fun–filled with pests, potpourri, and plenty of activities! Tickets: $10 per person. $8 for all MOCA Dual and Individual Level Members. Read more…

    Pine Street School, 25 Pine Street, New York, NY, United States

    15th August 2017

    09:00 To 15:00


    This week is dedicated to exploration through visiting the most celebrated educational institutions in New York City. Excursions will be to and from Pine Street School with transportation from DLA Limo. 10am-2pm options for parents who opt out of supervised travel. Read more…